Countdown of the top 10 naked motorcycles (short review)

Countdown (no.2) - Aprilia tuono v4 1100

Do you like adrenaline? That feeling of your balls tingling when looking over the edge of a high cliff before doing something brainless. Well the 2017 Aprilia V4 1100 is the perfect supernaked to soil your panties. It comes with a 1077cc egine with a claimed 175BHP and three new riding modes. Aprilia have put together an unbreakable bond between machine and road.

There is a saying that goes, "Love and understand the Italians, for the people are more marvelous than the land." However, they forgot to mention that their motorcycles are the raw definition of beauty and elegance. They build their bikes like the women of Italy, its just genetic. But with this DNA comes great responsibility, under the skin lies immense power and so much tech. It's like being in a temperamental women's head.

Aprilia has not stopped there. They even included a three-level adjustable corning ABS system that has been partnered by Bosch. You sit more comfortable than ever before as well as more upright. Every detail has been thought through to the extent that it makes perfectionists glow in awe of the Italian demigod.

This bike gets an A+ from me. The 175 hp at 11,000 rpm may just be my hearts rhythm when I throw my leg over the seat of the Tuono. It makes you smile and feel somewhat pathetic like a first love in high school. It derails you from everyday life and lifts you into a place of fairy tales, it is just beautiful.

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Photos: MCN, R&G and sport rider.

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