Countdown of the top 10 naked motorcycles (short Review)

Daily countdown (no.5) - EBR 1190sx

When going into the wild we always find surprise in the smaller creatures with a massive heart fighting for survival. The 1190sx is just that creature, it is a statement within itself that Erik Buell has been able to survive despite the odds that have been against him throughout this journey. This super naked is compared to the honey badger, notoriously known for being the most fearless little animal in the world.

The 1190sx is exceptionally powerful as it exerts 185BHP @ 10600rpm. It is not a big bike but very compact, weighing in at 188kg wet weight. It is small but a very powerful dynamite. Similarly to the honey badger it will take on anything in its way, or as the video says " it doesn't give a shit".

This is the only super naked that does not have a detuned engine. It has the exact same everything that its super bike sibling has too. EBR have just taken off the fairing, added a different headlight, raised the handlebars and sent it out into the world. This super naked is aggressive and so well adapted to this field.


Photos from: First ride, EBR, and cycleworld

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    Thanks for Supporting Old Fool Riding this week!

      4 years ago
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  • it was a cool bike... always got a crowd round it no matter where I went...

    but in the UK no one wanted to service it, and parts were impossible...

    it was an uncivilised animal... but I loved it.

      4 years ago
  • I owned an 1125R....(pic below)

    but the naked version... the 1125 CR just looked better...

    but 6if I lived in America Id have and EBR in a heartbeat.

      4 years ago
  • That's a pretty bike man 🙌🏼

      4 years ago
  • it was never really poplar with Buell fans because it used a re- worked liquid cooled rotax engine from aprillia... bored out and tuned for racing... instead of a Harley Davidson air cooled lump... that was it's demise...

      4 years ago