Coupe and Convertible Versions of the E-tron GT Look Insane

It's not official but these variants would look amazing! Take a look

2y ago

Audi has recently revealed one of the world's prettiest EVs, the Audi E-tron GT, which is Audi's attempt to overthrow the Tesla Model S from its reign and take over its class. Based on the Porsche Taycan, the E-tron GT has big job in its hands as the Tesla Model S is no slouch, with blistering performance from the P100D and space age gadgets. With this model being planned to be produced in 2020, the wait is long, thus giving us a chance to imagine this beauty as a 2-door coupe, a convertible and a shooting brake.

Though there is nothing officially said about the likelihood of these variants coming to life, Graphic designer Nikita Aksyonov has got himself busy converting the E-tron GT into different variants whilst still making them look somewhat genuine.

Apart from the sketchy rims, this looks magnificent! Styling cues are taken right from the Audi R8 Spyder as seen on the fake vents on the boot lid. In addition, the curvy body of the GT suites the two door convertible body style pretty well.

An E-tron GT shooting brake? Well, Why not, after all Audi is well known for fast estates so a shooting brake shouldn't be too alien. They will essentially just trim off the rear doors. However, unlike most production Audis, this might be the one with the most curves which means that an Audi fashioned boxy estate makeover will not go with the GT's curves.

This time you see the E-tron Gt as a 2-door coupe. Perhaps you may not have noticed because the concept car already has the slopping coupe-like roof. The coupe is likely to go into production and may as well be a viable Audi RS5 replacement in the future if Audi plans on replacing the current RS5 with an EV.

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