Coventry plans to pay £3000 to people to give up driving

A two-year trial scheme will allow drivers to be paid in exchange for not using their cars.

While the rest of Britain has set its eyes on making motoring more environmentally-friendly, in Coventry the city council has decided to save the polar bears by outright paying drivers £3000 a year to not drive their cars.

The way the scheme works is that if your car uses pre-Euro 4 petrol and pre-Euro 6 diesel, then you could give up using your polluting car in exchange for "credits" that you could spend on riding on buses - all of which are electric - taxis and bicycles.

According to The Times, the aim of the scheme to investigate 'how much funding would be needed to get drivers to swap their older cars for cleaner forms of transport in the long term.'

This utterly ridiculous scheme has obviously caused some backlash, with the President of AA Edmund King mocking the city authorities for essentially shaming Coventry's past as the centre of the British automotive industry, adding, "How ironic that a local authority in Coventry is now trying to pay people to ditch their wheels."

King also stated, that the city's finances "would probably be better spent on providing electric charging points for those without off-street parking rather than giving mobility credits for services that people will use when they need to or feel safe to.”

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Comments (4)

  • He has a point with EV chargers, those are the limiting factor and we can’t waste money in the transport centre on silly tasks like this. I’d rather public transportation is free or better maintained, if it’s free the savings may do something to all car owners if it’s better maintained they might go “it’s not that bad actually”

      13 days ago
  • Quite honestly, it would make better sense to simply make all public transport free. It would speed up ingress and egress and speed bus journey times up, clear traffic from the roads and could be paid for through local Council taxation. Everyone, not just poorer bus users, would then be contributing to the local transport solution and, like Oxford, it would encourage outsiders to go into the town by giving free parking on the outskirts (OK, Oxford buses aren't free, but the system itself exists and functions).

      14 days ago
  • To be honest if I lived in any city I wouldn't bother with the car. I have visited London many times and find that you can get round the city pretty quickly on the tube. I can also travel to Birmingham City centre which is pretty easily by train and it isn't that stressful a journey. Coventry isn't far from me either but unfortunately I still have to drive to a train station in another village to get a train there or drive into the city.

    Cities are changing and Birmingham City Centre is putting the trams back into the streets to remove cars from the streets and only allow buses, taxis, delivery vehicles, emergency service vehicles and business/property owners vehicles into the area's designated for tramway use.

      13 days ago
  • Would have been better if they gad given the people incentives to convert their vehicles into EVs or biofuel

      14 days ago