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So, a while back i posted a few pictures of crash time 2 and said something along the lines of "the game nobody talks about" or something. Well, now that i have played through the game and have unlocked MadCop, I think its a perfect opportunity to talk about it!

So, to start of, Crash Time 2 is a game developed by Synetic. Quite sadly, they stopped making games in 2014-2015 so, we aint getting a 6th one. The games plot and characters are based somewhere between season 14-19 (I say around there as Ben Jaegar is one of the main protagonists) of the German TV show "Alarm Fur Cobra 11". however, the game doesn't require you to know anything about the show or the previous game.


Let's start off with graphics shall we? The game looks pretty good for a more budget title, with everything looking all shiny and bright. It gets the job done. Sure, jumping from this to something like NFS 2015, NFS would look better but, this game still looks pretty nice for a budget 2009 game (no really, you can get it for like, $1 on sale.) There are a few corner cutting things like wood logs just being pentagonal prisms and whatnot but, they aren't very common.


Gameplay wise, its also pretty OK. In missions, you stop cars, do some racing (its one of the main continuing cases) and you also sometimes shadow people and blow cars up with an RC bomb. In the ~18hr story, this is really all you do. Its not bad but more variation would be cool. Driving physics are arcade-y as all heck. For those stuck up, pompous jerks wanting every game to have sim physics, this game ain't for you. Also, cars aren't licensed but instead, cars have different names and look a bit like their real life counterparts (Ie; the Saphir is a Toyota supra, the T2 pickup is a dodge ram of some sort, etc). also, after the end of the storyline, you are able to collect parts to make a car called "Madcop" which is a very fast street car. finding these parts were infuriating at points, due to outlandish location and the lack of GPS directions.


On to sound next. It is this games weakest area. Cars sound... Like cars i guess. The noises when damaging a car probably sound a bit like they should and the OST... Well.... I didn't even bother with it. It seems to just be very generic rock music. Voice acting is Meh. Some love it, some hate it. I think it gives this game personality. It's not as bad as CT3 as none of the characters stumble on their words.


At first, there isn't a main story so to speak. you just solve a few odd cases. That is until you infiltrate a street racing league called... The League. what an original name, eh? The League is when the game really starts getting interesting, as it is when you start unlocking all of the faster cars and racing them.


All in all, Crash Time 2 is a pretty decent game. For the whopping dollar i paid, it really could be worse. Graphics are good (it also performs very well on a 750ti. 1080p, 60fps, max settings!!), Sound is OK, Gameplay is decent enough for it to not get boring after a while and the arcade-y controls work.

I give it a 3/5. Not amazing but maybe give it a try when its on sale for cheap

Nice. but wait for sale.



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