Crash Time 3 Review

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So, the Crash Time 2 review i did a few days ago did pretty well so, lets review the third one! It only makes sense after all. If you haven't read the Crash time 2 review, first of all, please read it, i need views, second of all, i thought it was alright for a budget game. with the bar set that kinda low-med, lets get into it!

Crash Time 3 was developed by the company Synetic, who ceased production of games in 2014-2014. the game and its plot is based off of the german show "Alarm Fur Cobra 11" but you really don't need to know anything about the show or even play the previous game to get the plot.


We did graphics first last time so, we'll do it first here. The game looks good for a budget title. Things look like they should, there aren't many cost cutting things like the previous game BUT it has had a bit of a Need For Speed Most Wanted coat applied to it, meaning everything looks all murky and bleh. It's not horrible but, i would like a compromise between this and the previous games overly shiny look (Which is given in the 4th and 5th game but more on why i wont review them later)

Mercedes Bens


Again, its much like the previous game. You stop people, shadow people, race people and blow cars up. However, some missions are open ended to how you can stop people. And with the new gun (which is used a grand total of a few times), it makes it all to easy to stop someone. The one massive gripe i have with the games missions is... a star ranking system. You read that correctly folks. a star ranking system. you have 5 stars but if you do poorly, you get stars removed. this makes missions very stressful as now you don't only have to worry about finishing the mission, you have to also worry about being very careful about everything. I hate this system. It did get removed in the 4th and 5th game but, well, i can't exactly play those.


Anyways, it has arcade-y controls, so simulation people will want to stay away. It doesn't have licensed cars but the made up ones look a bit like real ones.


If you've read the crash time 2 review, you already know whats coming. Everything sounds like it probably should but, the voice acting is a lot worse than Crash Time 2. it's very obvious that a lot of the voice actors don't speak English as a first language. also, Semir's voice actor changed this game. How mildly annoying.



At the start of the game, you try get breakfast but a car smuggler interrupts you. Then you completely forget about that and then there's some world government meeting that, of course, every one and their dog apparently wants to blow up. So you join a racing league to stop the bad people trying to attack the important people, the game ends and then you realized that you forgot to give the car smuggler all the cars on his list (yes, you actually had to find and chase cars and bring them to a location. it was very time consuming.) so you can finally arrest him. And then its over. You get nothing. Not even a screen saying "cool you 100% this game good job". Oh yeah there's also some stunt missions but they meant nothing. Coming to think of it, did they ever have breakfast?


The verdict

Like Crash Time 2, get it on sale! it performs well, is pretty fun for the price and it's overall OK. its a 4/10 for me.


looks like you're car damage is at 11%. that'll be 1 star please :)

oh yeah also, I would totally review Crash Time 4 and 5 but, I can't find 4 on PC anywhere at all and I don't want to risk loosing $20 on a somewhat shady eBay listing for crash time 5.



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