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Crashing My Fleetwood

A couple of years ago, only weeks after getting my '96 Fleetwood... I wrecked it.

2y ago

The video below will tell the story a little better. Oh how I loved my Fleetwood Brougham. The 5.7L LT1 V8, the smooth gear changes, the floating cloud suspension and the "like butter" power steering. I say all of my Cadillacs are my favorites so I'll say it again... this was my Favorite Cadillac.

I bought this car with a little bit of cash and a set of left handed golf clubs. It was the first car that I ever owned that didn't have a check engine light on and it had 198k on it when I bought it. Just like my current Escalade.

It didn't take long.. I hit a deer very quickly after I bought it. And later after a round of golf, my friends and I hit the back roads in rural Ohio to find our old high school spot where we used to hang out. On the way back, I took out a mailbox and an entire telephone pole. I replaced the mailbox. It was not the best way to open up Independence Day.

The important thing is to stay positive no matter what.

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  • Hilarious Brett!

      2 years ago