Crashing our £2,500 drone – Namibia with the Audi e-tron behind the scenes

45w ago


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When we were invited out to Namibia by Audi to drive the new e-tron, we decided to not hold back on the video side to capture the car and landscape in all its glory.

With a massive Kalahari salt pan as a setting, DriveTribe took on Formula E driver Daniel Abt in three challenges on the dusty terrain, making for the perfect opportunity for some epic drone shots. As it happened, the robotic fourth member of our team didn't fair too well in the African desert, after a dodgy landing put us a man down during the Abt face-off.

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Thankfully, a new prop was all that was needed to get our friend back up in the air, making for some spectacular footage of the car drifting and power-sliding across the barren terrain.

Check out the result of our Namibian shoot below:

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