Crazed Maniac Hangs Onto Moving School Bus

Because freaking out a busload of kids is a classy thing to do

3y ago

Sometimes people take things too far. Sometimes people take things too far and then take it up another notch. This video is one of those latter events. You know the saying "Do stupid things, win stupid prizes? Yeah, this is that.

The man you see hanging off the front of the school bus saw someone throwing a bottle out of the bus and hitting his car (no word yet on whether that actually occured or not; as of now, we're taking the word of a psycho). His response? To obviously take the rational route and leap onto the front of the bus, of course.

You can see the man hanging on and screaming at the driver while banging on the hood. The driver repeatedly tells him to get off while kids are heard screaming. A witness says the man held on until a red light, where he managed to get on board. The kids were told to move to the back of the bus as the man prepared to do whatever he was planning on doing.

Luckily, an off-duty police officer and two mechanics were nearby and accosted the man. The bus was able to drive off without anyone getting hurt. The man was then arrested and charged with (funnily enough), malicious destruction of property and also disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and obstructing a school bus driver.

The question that is burning a hole in my head, however, is what kind of a car the man owned to prompt this response? Something tells me he's not cruising around in a LaFerrari or anything, so was it really worth such a blow up over, I don't know, an Ford Probe or something?


CBS Baltimore


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Comments (4)

  • The driver should have stopped, but the guy posed a safety threat to those kids.

      3 years ago
  • Would be nice to know what led up to this moment... One again, no context.

      3 years ago
  • Maybe he drives a Toyota Prius.? 🤔

      3 years ago