Crazy Bimmer driver ordered to sell his car after evading Police!

Clearly the German courts are serious when it comes to road crime.

13w ago

We can all say that doing some drifting, handbrake turns and burnouts are very cool but when your doing it on public roads expect to get into trouble with the law. Annoyingly there are people amongst the car community giving us a bad name for ripping up the streets at ridiculous speeds, endangering other road users and pedestrians. Sometimes these terrible actions end up with fatalities and serious injuries.

Well the hooligan who we are talking about today is a German driver who didn't have the best of days to be frank. Unfortunately, for him, he has to sell the car he was driving that day other wise it will be confiscated by the German Courts.

According to reliable sources, the 23 year old resident of Stuttgarter Nachrichten was larking about doing burnouts in the town square in order to impress with friends. When the Police found observed this behaviour, the man then took of but the Officer who in pursuit had to pull out due to being down on power.

The car the young adult was driving in was a BMW 440i so no wonder it managed to get away from a 192 BHP Police car. A short while after he escaped the Officer he stopped and only did it sink in then how much trouble he had landed himself into. So when he was arrested and was in court, the Judge (although the man had previously been fined to speeding) took note of how repentant the man was but that didn't stop the German Judge from being tough on the man. He was basically deprived of his driver's license for six months, which in conjunction with the fact that he can't drive for a full year. Which of course seems reasonable but then the Judge said something unexpected. she said the suspect driver must sell his 440i within 3 months and give €7,000 (which is around £5,900) of the proceeds to the state treasury or have the car taken away.



Some people may think that is a little too far and quite unfair and to an extent I agree with you as it is horrible to be forced to sell your pride and joy but I am more onside with the Judge as he did sort of deserve it as he was doing burnouts in a quiet little town square and then decided to flee from Police. I would assume he would pay off the proceeds to the state of treasury using the money he gets from the sale of the car.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Does that mean he isn’t coming on then

      3 months ago
  • Maybe if this type of stuff was done in the UK then yobbos would stop being knobs so often.

    However what's stopping him buying another 440i after he's got his license back? He'll have saved enough money on insurance and fuel to find the money surely.

      3 months ago