Cream On Their Bits-The Time Jeremy Clarkson and James May Made a Cycling Advert

1y ago


The later season of Top Gear suffered from the fact that the boys were a bit too self aware and trying just a little too hard. They seemed more like they were playing characters instead of just being themselves, which is where I suspect more of the complaints of "too scripted" came from.

However, that doesn't mean there still weren't genuinely funny moments. Case in point, Series 21, Episode 5 where Jeremy and James were given the task of creating a cycling safety advert. Though Jeremy's original ad of "Work Harder, Buy a Car" was hilarious, the safety council folks were not amused and sent Jeremy and James out to the London streets to try cycling out for themselves.

What followed was a hilarious look at how uncomfortable Jeremy was on a bicycle, but also a genuinely interesting look at exactly who on the streets were the ones acting like dorks. Interestingly enough, it was not other cyclists, and for the most part, it wasn't other cars.

No, the main culprits were buses. Long story short, the buses just didn't seem to give a flying hoot about cyclists and repeatedly ran the boys into the road. Of course, one would assume this revelation would result in a better advert, but alas...this IS Jeremy and James we're talking about.

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