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  • It's mostly head work.

    Car has 1mm Oversized Valves Intake akd Exhaust. Intake is Nitrate Coated and Exhaust is made from Iconel. Dual "High Rev" Valve springs. 272 Duration Cams, and heavy Porting to both the Intake and Exhaust ports. Lower and upper intake plenums are gasket/port matched

    Upper intake plenum has ben modified with a larger tank. and made to accomodate a 4" Throttle Body (ovet stock 2.75") With a 1 off 4" Intake to match.

    Car is still on Stock 10:1 Compression with stock Pistons and rods.

    Revlimiter is set to 8,000RPM Currently (Stock is 7,000) With plans to go higher in the near future.

    previously before the larger intake and fresh head work the car made 240HP/198TQ to the front tire. about an 80HP increase over the stock power rated at the tire. (220 Crank HP)

    it hasnt been officially dyno'd yet, but horsepower estimations have been consistently between 265-275 Wheelhp, and 235-255 Torque while tuning..

    To put that in perspective the factory Twin Turbo version of this car only makes 220-240whp. My Modified one makes about 300whp, and with this weighing about 800lbs less, ot feels every bit as fast

      4 years ago
  • How?

      4 years ago