- Maxine, one of the ghost cars by Ray O'Bannon from the Ravensblight Toy Shop. Image: Lisa Kay Tate

Creepy Cars, Planes & Trains Paper Models

1y ago


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I love Halloween, cars and making things, so when I ran across the selection of macabre cars, trains, plains others items from the "Toy Shop" at Ravensblight, featurining pieces by site creator Ray O'Bannon, I knew I was ready to go blind making them.

My favorite one is the retro "Maxine," a Plymouth Fury with her own ghost story, but the Mad Max style Battle Hearse, is also pretty cool.

I highly recommended checking out...and printing out Ravensblight's models. Image: Lisa Kay Tate

In addition to cars, there are ghost ships and WWI era planes, as well as a ghost train, and haunted horse drawn hearse carriage. Pretty much anything that goes, he gave a spooky edge.

All of these are free to download, so make sure you stock up on cardstock, X-Acto knives and a good printer.

Download these and other haunted goodies at ravensblight.com/papertoys.html