Crikey! It's the Audi Rozzers! - Zee Toys 1:64 Audi

Not one of my finer investments...

34w ago

Oof! sometimes window shopping on eBay has it's downfalls. I purchased this unique Zee Toys Audi sheriff sedan mainly for it's rareness and it was still new in the package. Now that I have opened it and taken a few pics, man this diecast has some serious warts. Casting bleed everywhere, overspray on the paint. Bleh. It's ugly. Even the headlights show that this car is not happy with it's existence. If there was an award for worst diecast purchase of 2020 this is probably mine.

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Comments (1)

  • This is a much better casting than the poor quality Audi cop car.

      7 months ago