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  • Love the car, still have it :-)

      4 years ago
  • Did you not like your car Martin? 😳

      4 years ago
  • Amazing 👍

      4 years ago
  • Driving it on in the darkness was quite stressful with a crowd of people around all shouting trying to point me in the right direction over the rocks onto those planks, we then headed down the lake under torchlight avoiding houses and pylons.

    Halfway down we tried to find somewhere to land so we could find somewhere to stay, however we were not able to, but at this point half the people on the boat got off. When we started to move again the boat was leaning to one side, in the torchlight we could see the planks of wood catching the water… so I had to jump in the drivers seats and inch it forward until we were level again… God knows what Nicole was thinking at this point, not something I would like to do again.

    We found somewhere we could get off the boat but unfortunately for the owner, we could not take the car off, so he had stay with the boat overnight.

    The lake was around 100m deep, 20miles long, if the car had dropped in to the lake, it would have simply been gone for good.

    In the morning, this photo was the first thing we saw, to our relief the vehicle was still there!!

      4 years ago
  • Did you really put the car on the boat at night :-o

      4 years ago