Crowd Gets a Face Full Of Exploding Car Parts

Dyno pull goes very, very wrong

3y ago

It was just a normal night at House of Boost as a crowd gathered to watch this awesome Trans Am perform a dyno pull. Little did anyone know that people's lives were going to be changed forever.

Ok no, not really. But I'm sure the folks watching were not expecting the car to go "boom" and pieces to launch out into the crowd...which is exactly what happened. This all took place at the 11th Annual Mustang F-Body Meet, where it looked to be a fun night full of drag racing and dyno competitions.

The Trans Am ended up pulling in 1573HP, but not before blowing out its charge pipe. Luckily, it looked like no was seriously injured (or injured at all!) and the night proceeded at normal. One fellow mentioned getting hit in the shoulder, and another mentioned getting whacked in the leg, but both seemed to be in good spirits.

Luckily, it looked like the pipe struck the hood first, then ricocheted into the crowd. If it had gone straight from the engine bay into the people, things may have been much worse. As it stands, the owner of the Trans Am ended up getting 4th place.


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  • Damn its the note 7 of the car world.

      3 years ago