CROWN VIC (Part 1)

So, the Ford Crown Victoria then. It might not just be my top choice movie car, but my all-time favorite car as well. Oh dear, a long story coming up

It all started back to when I was 3-4 y/o. My parents got me this toy car, a Ford Sierra sedan specced as a Barcelona Taxi cab, which I loved very much.

It’s already 2006. My brothers and I just couldn’t stop begging at our parents so we could get the GTA San Andreas video game. They wouldn’t let us, so we had to find a solution.
And in September 2006, on a day at the mall, we found it, Driver Parallel Lines!! Still, have no idea how on Earth we convinced our parents, but anyway.

In that video game, at some point the character goes into prison, so you play in two different years, 1978 and 2006. In the ’78 vehicle line-up, police cars were LTD Crown Vics, but I just had no idea back then. In the ’06 line-up however, those New York yellow cabs had just reminded me of something.

It is at this point when I just couldn’t stop looking all over the house for my Sierra taxi cab. I didn’t find it. So, I just started looking it up on the internet, every single day, but it wasn’t a Ford the first thing I came across with though. Thing is, I got confused with the 90’s Camry because of both the thin black grille up front and the shape of the car in the video game. To be honest, now that I look at it, no idea what car that thing’s trying to be. Thoughts?

So I forgot about the whole thing again. And it wasn’t until I had to do a school presentation that I got to first read the Crown Vic name. First pic I saw? That famous NYPD Crown Vic.

To be honest, I still don’t know the exact reason why I love it, but every time I see a sedan it’s like I wish it looked more like a Crown Vic, with the rear end just as pronounced as the front end, the modern-day Checker Marathon, the most cinematic car ever.

That’s right, and it’s very hard for me to say this but, here it goes: Forget the DB5, forget Ecto-1, forget the Charger, forget the Delorean… If you go to and type in Ford Crown Victoria, you’ll see that there are precisely 306 pages full of Crown Vic photos because of all the movies this car has featured in. And not just movies, but both tv commercials and music videos too. By the way, the reason why it gets destroyed too much in the movies, that’s because it’s such an easy car to fix - found that out while preparing for my school presentation yeah -. Guess the same could be said for its both Lincoln. Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis/ Marauder siblings.

In conclusion, here in Europe this car is harder to see than all the one-off hypercar you can think of combined but… the hell yeah I spotted one in Barcelona, huge thanks to the US consulate, although that's not a consulate number plate but anyway, still said Police Interceptor on the back. Awesome!!

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