Cruise to IFO Tucson

Import Face Off has long been a great standing event here in the desert and the Tucson location has shown that they are here to stay. With the return of IFO Chandler the Tucson events have been limited to only once per year. With this limitation we hope to see an even better showing of vehicles that would not normally make it out to the Chandler event such as the cars from Tucson and other southern Arizona cities as well as the crews joining all the way from New Mexico.

We start our day off by meeting up at Ikea just off the i-10 in Tempe and await for the cars to roll in. The start time of the event is important to ensure we have enough time to roll through in time for the gates to open at the track in Tucson. Typically we have a very small delay waiting for the last minute guys to stop by and often find many catching up to us along the way. Once on the highway as we reach the city limits we like for everyone to stay at a steady speed to allow us to travel throughout the pack the get rolling shots of as many cars as we can during the cruise. This event is open to everyone and we encourage the muscle car guys to attend as well since the track and show are open to all makes and models.

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