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Cruisin' The Hollow, Car Meet Video: Part 2

All the video from last weekend's car meet!

1y ago

Last Saturday, 6-October-2018, I attended one of the best small shows in my area. In addition to being the home and sole production location for world famous Tennessee Whiskey producer, Jack Daniels, Lynchburg, Tennessee hosts one of the best car shows in the area. Every October The Whiskey Runners Car Club, puts the event on. Those people couldn't do a finer job of it! I had my camera ready and was able to shoot a few videos of the action! Take a look below. Oh, be sure to check the end of the article for a link to the feature write up published last Sunday!

Starting out with a little cruisin'!

Let's make a round through the main event area:

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Here's part 2 of that video: (don't worry it's shorter!)

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What a great way to close out the end of the Summer show season! Wait.. That can't be right, can it? I'm gonna just Keep on Cruisin'!

Here's the link to the feature article:

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