Cuban car scene

Everybody knows cuba have a vintage scent when we talk about everything. but today we are going to talk about their car scene

A tropical climate, beaches, good looking women, real mojitos, cigars, nice cars and good music... what else can you want. Cuba is known for being a very carismatic place, their caring people are considered one of the kindest people on earth, like all latinos... let's stop talking about this and is time to go straight to their car scene.

When people imagine Cuba, they see shiny old cars with that classic look but looking forward to Cuba's situation is totally the opposite of what you really think, sure they have old cars and there are living petrolheads in this beutiful country, but how they can have a concrete car scene?

Well, Cubans are very good working with their hands, this whole situation they live in taught them to make things so they can have a more ''comfortable'' life. Often you can see people making their own homemade car part because finding parts for their cars is so hard they prefer to do it themselves. A cool fact is that people in Cuba when they are fixing their cars they usually make a ''make-it-work'' technique, that means to ake your car run with whatever thing you find it doesn't matter what!

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