Cusco Visit

2y ago


I recently made a visit to the Cusco tuning headquarters in Takasaki, Gunma. At the front of the facility is a small showroom displaying two Cusco racing cars. I went in to have a look around.

Cusco's Japan Headquarters in Taksaki, Gunma.

Many of you will recognise this 2008 Super GT Impreza GT300 from Gran Turismo. I have to say, It was quite a special feeling being alone in a room with this car. I took a moment to reminisce about the years driving it around on my PlayStation, and now I was in a room with the actual car!

The 2008 Super GT Impreza GT300 which i'm sure we all remember from Gran Turismo.

There was another car sitting in the showroom. This one I’d never seen before, and it has proven quite difficult to get any further information on it from the internet. From what I gathered at the showroom it’s a purpose built hill-climb machine. I couldn’t find any information on where it has competed, I’m guessing Pikes Peak, but if anyone out there has any detailed information on the machine, i’d love to hear it.

Cusco hill climb machine

Words and photos by Joey Meuross

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