Custom BMW M3 CS Touring has to be the perfect daily

The performance of the ultimate M3 with the practicality of an estate car. What’s not to love?

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Since the dawn of time, petrol heads around the world have been waiting for BMW to create an estate version of its iconic M3. However, despite all the subtle hints and not-so subtle prayers, the Bavarian brand is yet to give us what we want. Nay, need.

To fill the void in BMW’s range, professional tuners and private enthusiasts alike have always attempted to combine standard 3-Series Touring models with M Performance parts. The latest team to take part in the trend is Dutch tuners, Fullcartuning headed by Sander Koelemij. However, this particular car is even more special than an M3 Touring.

In fact, Koelemij’s team has gone the extra step of recreating the limited edition, even faster F80 M3 CS in Touring form.

Under the family car shell of a G21 3-Series Touring are all the performance enhancing gems of the desirable M3 CS. Unfortunately, that means that one of the 1,200 examples of the super-saloon has been taken off the road for good. Although, it’s worth pointing out that the donor vehicle was already severely damaged after having been involved in a crash.

Luckily, none of the important parts such as the engine, suspension or gearbox were rendered useless to the build. That means this sedate-looking family cruiser has a whopping 454hp being sent to the rear wheels thanks to the 3.0-litre twin turbocharged straight six. It also means that the so-called F81 M3 CS will corner and stop like a BTCC racer.

Inside, much of the sporty upholstery, cabin lining and instruments from the CS has found itself decorating the project’s interior.

As a fan of estate cars myself, I can only admire this one-off project. Instead of filling his garage with two separate cars to fill his needs, Sander has a car that both provides practicality for the mid-week routine, and a fun drive for the weekend.

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