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Fair Oaks Custom Cars have two new incredible Additions this Week

38w ago

I love anything that falls outside of the "norm". Custom versions of cars that the factory can't (or won't) make are always welcome in my book, but I like when it's done tastefully and respective of the original lines of the object. In Chantilly, VA, one dealership has two of these creations that tick all the boxes. One amazing SRT HELLCAT and a SCAT PACK Dodge Challenger are forever glorified after receiving the chop/top treatment to create two spectacular vehicles for public consumption - they are on sale! Although different in trim and levels of performance, both are not exactly inexpensive, carrying price tags of $100,777 & $72,883 respectively, whereby $20,000 is added onto the SRT for "custom convertible modification" and the SCAT PACK is asking $18,000 for the conversion.

That's a lot of cheese for a couple of Dodges. However - let's not forget the stats. The HELLCAT has well over 700 bhp, so I feel that with the roof off, you may as well be riding in a Boeing 757 with the window down. In that case - the price is a steal.

Both models are displayed in the showroom of the dealership, so for those who would like to, check them out at custom vehicles of Dodge, RAM, Jeep & Chrysler of FAIR OAKS.

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