4SR -Custom fitted leathers - Reviewed

32w ago


Now the summer is (almost) here I've had a good few chances to try out my new custom one-piece leather suit from Czech makers 4SR.

At Ducati's Hypermotard launch

I needed a new set of leathers that fitted my uniquely rotund frame. The guys at Czech based 4SR have been getting great reviews for their products, with some going as far as saying they're superior to the likes of Dainese and Alpinestars, which is high praise indeed.

Having tried Alpinestars and Dainese's top level stuff, this was a bold claim, so I got in touch with ex superbike racer Dean Ellison who runs 4SR's UK side of things. If the name sounds familiar, he's the older brother of current UK Yamaha BSB rider James Ellison, who also wears their suits. 4SR stands for 'For Street Racing' and there are many roads racers who literally trust their skin to their 4SR leathers.

Custom badging is part of their service

Their in-house designers sketched up a design for me and even created a 'Pope' logo (my surname) as well as taking 22 separate measurements to make the suit fit like a second skin.

There are also off-the-peg options available, as well as jackets and gloves, which you can view on their website.

Sucking in that gut...

James Ellison's 2018 suit. Available to buy.

The saggy bottom is part of the design and once in a racing crouch it makes for the perfect position for tucked-in riding for racers, trackday or sportsbike riders. I've also covered plenty of road miles and they're just as comfortable off track as on, the venting especially good during Ducati's Hypermotard launch in Gran Canaria.

I need bigger knee sliders

From what I've seen so far, this suit is up there with the very best of them quality wise, and the difference between custom fit and off-the-peg is immediately obvious to me, as my legs are shorter, but my torso longer - making a regular 44 sized suit an awkward fit with the knees bunching up. This isn't the case with this suit due to the precise measurements customised to my fit.

If your budget doesn't stretch to custom fitting, 4SR also offer a range of off-the-peg items, as well as gloves and jackets, both casual and race fit.

As far as testing goes, I don't intend to drag myself behind a car like I did with a set of ARMR Moto's suits...

Prices vary depending on fit, customisation and so on, so we recommend you visit their website for a look around as their online store is very comprehensively stocked.

Casual style jacket

There's also a range of reinforced jeans in their lineup

And reasonably priced gloves

4SR hasn't forgotten the lady riders either, with a decent choice of garments for lady bikers.

Female cut jacket

Casual wear

If the budget is a bit tight, there's also a range of affordable casual wear in their collection.

Visit www.4sr.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/4SRforstreetracing

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