- Arai Chaser X in Ian 'Gus' Scott colours

Custom helmet painting

Arai painted by Paul at BlazeArtworks Custompaint

2y ago

I admit, in the past I've tried to paint the odd helmet of mine at home, and needless to say it never really went according to plan. There's more to it than just masking things off and going mad with a can of paint, so I called in the experts this time, Paul at BlazeArtworks Custompaint

Leathers by 4SR from their custom fitting range

Leathers by 4SR from their custom fitting range

I've always loved the colour scheme of Ian 'Gus' Scott who wrote for Performance Bikes Magazine back in the 90s, and cost and timescale has always been a barrier for me when it comes to custom paintjobs. Sadly Gus was killed at the Isle of Man TT in 2005 and I've wanted to get one painted in his colours as a tribute ever since.

Thankfully the guys at Blaze Artworks turned it around in no time at all and their prices are very competitive. The finish and quality are sublime. There are other helmet painters out there, but these guys deserve a special mention for attention to detail.

Phone: +44(0)1332230548

Mobile: +44(0)7853306968

Website : www.blazeartworks.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlazeArtWorksAirbrush/

Here are some more examples of Paul's superb airbrush skills. Call for a quote, it's cheaper than you'd expect!

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