Custom Hot Wheels 1994 Dodge Ram Van Complete.

This is a trade gift from @loli_hw_trader on Instagram who modified the casting to my specifications: a stock version. Modifications include the removal of the front tow hook / splitter, dechromed bumpers, and shaved smooth rear windows. Once I got it, I took the liberty of adding side mirrors, repainting part of the window to body color match, and given a full respray in Gloss Red. I then put it back together, and did my usual detailing with chrome markers, paint markers, white paint with a toothpick, and Sharpie black markers. Now this Ram Van is ready for commercial use and grab life by the horns.

Business. Social. Family. Whatever your passenger-carrying needs are in a full-size van, we loaded Dodge Ram Passenger Wagons with advanced possibilities to meet them.

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