Customer receives their new Tesla Model 3 but with a hood panel gap

1y ago


Ever since Elon Musk announced the new Tesla Model 3 a while ago, the interest and pre-orders just skyrocketed. Which for a company is great, but unfortunately for Tesla it has not been quite a simple ride. With the biggest issue being production problems meaning all those customers who put their money down for pre-orders have had to wait a very long time to receive their new cars.

A customer on Reddit finally received theirs however noticed something when he took the car home. The hood panel was not aligned properly! He didn't notice it upon collection as I guess the excitement of his new car would be there but once he noticed it at home, he informed Tesla who according to him gave a hard time for not reporting it upon delivery.

For a $60,000 car you'd expect both the car and customer service to be excellent but it appears it is not exactly the case and just adds to ongoing problems around Model 3. On the same reddit thread another Model 3 owner had a similar issue and said "That looks much harder to fix than mine. My model 3 is currently at the SC having all doors realigned as well as many parts replaced. By far the worst build quality I have ever seen. I walked around the SC and looked at many others, they are all bad in different ways. I will post an update when I get to see it, but the hood looks almost perfect now from pictures they have sent me."

Luckily the owner with the hood panel problem decided to have a go at fixing it himself by checking the bump stops under the hood again and cranked one side all the way out and the other all the way in. To which he added he thinks it looks acceptable now but again this is something which should be checked by Tesla's own quality control. Check out the difference in the photo below after the owner fixed it himself.

Regardless if anyone is a fan of Tesla or not, they are certainly aiding in the advancement of automotive technology so I hope such instances are just one-offs with the full production of Model 3s going smoothly. The owner is infact happy with his car but wanted to share the experience with the rest of car community:

"Vin 3511. We’re not upset about it. Just sharing our experience. There are some other misaligned panels but this is the worst of them. The headlights also protrude different amounts from one side and the other. The GPS thought we were in Fremont instead of Atlanta. The service center pushed an update to the car that fixed it the next day. Car is great otherwise. I reported the gaps along with the gps issue and we’ll need to bring it in sometime. It’s just not that important to us to get cosmetic issues fixed right away since we use both our cars for commuting to work every day and going to the service center is a hassle."