Customers petition NHTSA to investigate Tesla defects

500,000 vehicles could have unintended acceleration

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Allegedly, the 2012-2019 Tesla Model S, the 2016-2019 Tesla Model X, and the 2018-2019 Tesla Model 3 may suffer from unintended acceleration. There was 127 complaints about 123 cars which led to a petition from customers to investigate over 500,000 vehicles. Reportedly, there have been 110 crashes, which led to 52 injuries.

The NHTSA will "carefully review the petition and relevant data," and decide whether to grant or decline the petition. Once granted, a formal investigation will commence. Anyone can petition the NHTSA to open a formal investigation on possible faults, although many times they are not accepted as problems.

Automotive News reports a case where a man who owned 2015 Tesla Model S 85D had it parked and locked, when "a few moments later the vehicle started accelerating forward towards the street and crashed into a parked car." Another driver said his car "went over a curb and into a chain link fence" while attempting to park.

Following the reports, Tesla shares fell slightly, although they remain higher than both GM and Ford.

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    “What is more damning, and potentially exposing the company to criminal prosecution, is that Musk sold the cars despite knowing about the potentially deadly flaw. According to the report, the leaks became an "urgent concern" in spring 2012 due to two problems with the cooling system:

    First, the aluminum Tesla chose to use for the end fitting of the cooling coil was susceptible to cracks and pinholes, according to tests done by the third-party firm IMR Test Lab in the summer of 2012. Business Insider reviewed these test results.

    And second, the design of the end fitting piece in the cooling system was imperfect, such that even after the part was brazed together, there were gaps between the cooling coil and its end fitting piece that connected it to the car, according to emails viewed by Business Insider. Sometimes, employees would have to force pieces together with a hammer to close gaps, according to internal Tesla documents viewed by Business Insiderinsider.former Tesla employee.

      8 days ago
  • It sounds like every Tesla is faulty

      7 days ago
  • And so it begins!!! The infallible and mighty Tesla may not walk on water after all. Just don't tell Wall Street, who think Tesla is the second coming of Christ.

      7 days ago