CUT TO THE CHASE. A Dutch Dream Team Customise the Honda Rebel

When Honda released the Honda Rebel, they wanted the custom scene to jump on board. But despite a cult following, few have gone all in. Until now...

2y ago

When Honda released the latest incarnation of the Honda Rebel it was clear they wanted the custom scene to jump on board, with a marketing campaign to “make it your own”. But despite a cult following in parts of Asia and some notable exceptions, few have gone all in on the Rebel. But there is nothing like competition to whet the appetite and the added motivation of raising money for charity brought together a formidable crew. Headed by Timmer Motorcycles from Rotterdam they assembled the Dutch Dream Team of bike builders and on a mission for good, its fitting they call their Rebel the ‘Dream Chaser’.

When Maarten Timmer heard about a competition being organised by Honda Moto Benelux and Big Twin Magazine he decided to assemble a dream team! Along with his own outfit he’s joined by old friends Arjan at Ironwood Motorcycles and The Custom Factory’s Marcel, “In this project it was time to team up and to chase a dream together, transforming a low powered Honda Rebel into a “sprint bike” inspired custom. Ideal to follow the roads and ride along: the Dream Chaser,” he smiles.


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