Cuyahoga Electrics - 1910

The Mystery Electric Car that could attain 150 miles per charge in 1910!

9w ago

I​ know nothing about this car. This picture showed up in a general historical photograph group I belong to. The caption read: "Cuyahoga Electric car being charged by a Mercury Rectifier, Cleveland Ohio 1910."

I searched the internet and couldn't find any more information on this particular car. Only this arts and culture website;

.​.. and a wiki page in German that I cannot read, other than two listed names: 1) Cuyahoga Car Company 2) Cleveland Electric Vehicle Company.

Cuyahoga Motor Car Company doesn't come up in any searches - but The Crock Motor Car Company of Cuyahoga Falls does, as does Peerless Motor Car Company and Jordan Motor Car Company... with no mention of this car.

C​leveland Electric Vehicle Company doesn't come up in my search either, but Baker Motor Vehicle Company or "Baker Electrics" does... with no mention of this car.

As you can see on the side of the vehicle, it says "Cuyahoga Electrics" as well as "150 MILES ON ONE CHARGE"... or does it? Is it me or does that actually say 50 miles? I can't tell. My guess is the website is wrong and it only achieved 50 miles per charge. Regardless, that is still an amazing range for 1910!

It is a beautiful car and would love to know more about it. If anyone has information they can share, please do in the comments, thanks!

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