- Pic Credits: Modern Design.

Cyberhouse - designed to complement the Cybertruck

Designed to help you survive Zombies or nuclear fallouts...

1y ago

The Cybunker is a 1800 sq-ft shelter meant to complement your Cybertruck and could help you in the post apocalyptic world. If that was a bit compact fo your tasts, this is the next option up. The Cyberhouse, created by Russian design firm Modern Design.

Meant for the post apocalyptic world, the Cyberhouse takes inspiration from the Cybertrucks signature shape. Made from steel and concrete it offers 3,230 sq-ft of living space including an underground garage for your the only car you would possibly want to park in it. The windows are shielded, has metallic blinds and even has airlocks for security.

Moreover it is self-sufficient and is designed to withstand anything from zombies to nuclear fallout. Six to seven people can comfortably live in this space. Till now this was a concept but, this could be made and then bought. It is said that a base price of this will be about $850,000+.

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Comments (10)

  • it must be hot in this house, and there is a huge fire place on... stairs for humans, and a lift for the car... a real trap for dust....

      1 year ago
  • No. Just no.

      1 year ago
  • You would literally look like the coolest guy ever walking out of this and drive off with a Cybertruck.

      1 year ago
    • Weirdly, yeah one would look the coolest guy walking out and driving off in a Cybertruck

        1 year ago
  • Wow a giant ramp

      1 year ago
    • Some guy from the x games would need a house like this would make for practicing cool stunts and possibly creating new ones

        1 year ago
  • Well. I would live in it!

      1 year ago