Cybetruck: Elon Musk's ego is its biggest problem

Tesla is good but not because Elon.

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Whatever your and my opinion is about the Tesla's latest creation, we can't denied that is has caused quite some noise. Whatever your and my opinion is about Tesla's latest creation, we can't deny that is has caused quite some noise. Even outside the car community, everyone is either "killing it with fire" or putting a deposit down for the car-truck.

Now that the dust has settled and everything has cooled down, I think it's a proper time to talk about it, and I'm going to start with the obvious.

It's going to sell like hotcakes

The Saturday after the unveiling, 146 thousand people put down the 100$ deposit to reserve a Cybertruck. We can agree that 100 dollars are not a big commitment for a 70 thousand dollar truck that will be available in, at the very least, the end of 2021. Actually, most people probably just did it to "flex on the internet" and won't end up buying the truck. Even with that in mind, I'm pretty sure that it will sell very well, but not among the people who is "intended" to. You see, Tesla is a brand that appeals, no matter what they do, to one particular type of person: the tech-enthusiast. Other people might like the Model 3, or the Model X, or both because they see what benefits they have as cars but, for most tech-savvy people, Elon Musk is the second coming and, whatever he does or says, is the future, disregarding of the quality, price or looks.

That is why technology-oriented creators like Marquees Brownlee are buying Tesla's new creation and a lot more people will follow. That kind of people doesn't care about the price or how useful it is as a truck (Marquees admitted this) because they don't need a pick-up truck. They want what is fashionable.

This brings me to my next point:


It's a subjective thing, but this is my opinion. I don't like it at all. It's a pick-up truck that doesn't fit. I know it sounds weird but let me explain. When I think about pick-up trucks, I see farmers and construction workers because that is what they are used for (at least around here) and I can't see why that part of the market would spend such money on what is, basically, a fashion statement.

Now, it is true that it comes with impressive numbers but... They are not worthy. The most impressive one is 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, but what is the point on a pick-up? And then, if you compare the torque and towing capability to what America offers for the same price you realize that you can't be in the right mind to buy the Cybertruck over the other pick-ups (Doug Demuro makes a pretty solid point about this, I'll link it below).

If you start adding all of this, the Cybertruck doesn't make any sense to what the Model X and the Model 3 stand for. They are a good value for money and the Cybertruck, isn't.

But why would they do something like that? Tesla is composed by a fantastic team. They know what they are doing, and the pick-up truck market has no mystery. There is a reason why all look the same and cost roughly the same. So why would Tesla try to break through it with a horrendous design, and the promises of being bulletproof? It sounds like Elon Musk's ideas. "Give it bulletproof glass, and make it shoot lasers... Can we also put the flamethrower on the bonnet?" Plus, EV vehicles can burn pretty quick in case of an accident and, what if the emergency services have to get you out of the car? They can't smash the glass or cut through the doors. And aren't modern production cars rounder because of pedestrian safety? In the words of my girlfriend "So pop-up headlights are illegal, but Tesla can get away with this?

I guess this is one of those cases where we have to wait and see what happens.

In my not so humble opinion, the Cybertruck is the equivalent of those 1.500$ plain white Supreme T-shirts.

What are your thoughts about the Cybertruck?

You can check Doug Demuro's video here:


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  • Well, you got the buyer demographics wrong. A lot of reservations are from the very conservative US Midwest. A few farmer friends of mine are interested because of the potential fuel savings. I have heard similar from service people like landscapers and plumbers.

    Towing capabilities are defined by regulation. It hit the limit to keep it classified as a light truck. Anything better is heavy duty. On price, the difference on sticker price for similar performance is very small, but if you tow 100 miles a day, the fuel savings are tremendous.

    Cybertruck is a supreme value for the money. Especially if you rely on the truck for a living.

      9 months ago
    • Mmm interesting. Do you reckon that is Ford launches a pick up version of the Mach-E would it outsell the cybertruck?

        9 months ago
    • I think it would. It does not seem Tesla plans Cybertruck to be sold in the volumes that Ford can hit. It is not a threat to Ford because of this.

      From a personal perspective, I hope Ford drops the Mustang name from anything but muscle cars. I...

      Read more
        9 months ago
  • Just like Apple, anything they do will be accepted! People will bitch, and then buy at the end of the day. Even I'm a Tesla fan (but not an Apple fan) and that is too true.

      9 months ago
  • Isn’t his ego the biggest problem in most cases?

      9 months ago
  • As a long time ago Chrysler engineering I and product development guy, I couldn’t disagree more. First the vast majority of pickup owners are NOT farmers or construction workers. Second, the Cybertruck is almost a truck/SUV hybrid (no pun intended.) Third, if you are a farmer or construction worker, many don’t like the cost of fill ups. Fifth, payload and towing capacity are more than competitive. Finally the Back to the Future design, I predict, will grow on people like Chrysler’s T115 minivan, designed when I worked there, and might create a new market segment

      9 months ago
  • Just like everyone else, you’re going to be sadly mistaken.

    I put down $100 to reserve the cybertruck, and from a demographic perspective, they’d say I’m not really getting it. But, I am.

    Don’t ever underestimate the power of Elon Musk and his companies. Poor people pay $1000 for Yeezys, I’m sure many many people are going to buy the cybertruck. If you’re smart, you’d buy TSLA stock. (Before it becomes too expensive)

      9 months ago
    • So... I'm mistaken where? Because I said that is going to sell very well.

        9 months ago