D_TRB Video: surviving the Nürburgring 24 Hours

    9 months ago


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    Comments (19)

    The ADAC Zurich Nürburgring 24 hours, or 'N24', is like no other race in the world. Over 160 cars take the start and they range from full factory-entered GT3 cars to old Opel Calibras, Renault Clios and, of course, the iconic Kissling Motorsport Opel Manta that has become a permanent fixture. There are dozens of classes and each is fiercely fought, but the real challenge is taking on this vast and terrifying track for a full day and night.

    This year Jethro Bovingdon was invited to race the new BMW M4 GT4 with BMW Motorsport and Sorg Rennsport at the N24. The car isn't as extreme as the top level M6 GT3s that were hoping for an overall win at the race, but it's a seriously impressive machine.

    The drivetrain is from the standard M4 road car, but the suspension, brakes, cooling and aero are all modified for racing and the cockpit is pure racecar. Later this year this new GT4 racer will be delivered to customer teams, each one costs €169,000 plus local taxes. The N24 is a vital part of the car's development. Watch the video below to see how the car and Jethro got along at the world's greatest race.

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    Inside the greatest race in the world

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    Comments (19)
    • Excellent film. I know a little of what it feels like as I drove in the Fun Cup Spa 25 hours a number of years ago. I also did a very tiring double stint from 2:30am in the morning. Even in a Fun Cup car, Spa's fast corners are very physical... I do wish I had had more races in preparation as I would have enjoyed it more and made less mistakes.

      7 months ago
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    • Join my tribe if love lamborghinis

      "THE BULL"

      8 months ago
    • Inspiring story and top-notch video. Well deserved beer!

      , could you share more details about that 6-week preparation?

      8 months ago
    • Securtal Sorg Rennsport prepared the car, who were the other drivers - they were Dirk Adorf, Ricky Collard and Jorg Weidinger - why dont you name them in the text they matter. How many cars were in the class - again its important for perspective - in that class I think 5 is the answer you're looking for? and for further perspective there were three cars that finished. BTW readers the 5 cars in class were BMWs...........Advertorial. Dont' be fooled peeps the current M3, M4 in any guise are ordinary.

      Not cool at all.

      8 months ago
    • Great video and what a circuit! At night it looks scary! Great job again Jethro

      8 months ago


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