Dacia Duster: It's just not quite what a pickup is supposed to be.

    Even Dacia fans like myself may have been left scratching our heads a bit...

    It has been a gradual process between me and trucks healing old wounds after one party threw some rather nasty (but fair at the time) insults at the other (I'm not saying who but keep in mind trucks can't speak). I was never a fan, but in recent times I have proven my ability to very rarely change my mind. And now they're kinda the coolest things on Earth, except luxury cars of course. It's just this one, the Dacia Duster Pickup, that really has me questioning everything.

    First of all, how the hell did someone with their nose so far stuck into Dacia's business not see this coming. One minute I'm laughing at a picture that I figured was a render, next minute a Romanian man has just left the dealer with one. This was big news to me, and I really didn't know how I should react or how I wanted to react either.

    Secondly, why? Why they did do this? That is something that I really fail to comprehend. And I don't mean why in terms of marketing and business. I get that bit completely, it's a cheap, reliable truck made a cheap, reliable brand. I mean why as in jesus christ look at it. It is bold to say the least. That is a one of a kind truck. Now I don't know what kind of tone I was giving off this whole time but I have only one thing to say.....

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is genius. I mean it's actual genius. That is the least-pickup pickup truck I've ever seen and I think it's awesome. Now considering I actually love trucks in general the fact that it strays so far from the typical truck probably should bother me. But Dacia really pulled it off. I mean I know it doesn't sounds right for describing a car but look at how effortlessly cool it is. That is not trying to be a truck. The roof curves over so plainly and the front is so round and comfortbale. It's brilliant. It looks so casually happy with itself.

    I'd also like to address something else in relevance to the it's place on the global market and considering the competition from the big fish in the truck pond. Ford, we get it. Chevy, we get it. Who else is there, Ram? GM? Are they the same, idek to tell the truth. My point is we know you love big v8s and huge beds and towing everything under the sun and roofbar lights and being higher off the ground then a dutchman on a friday night in Amsterdam (sorry Ferdi You're still awesome). But that's all a bit too much for me. Trucks are so cool, I adore the TRX 1500 and the F150 Raptor and the Silverado and all that. It's just, I'm not a big fish in the big pond. And neither is the Dacia. And for 23k, I mean where do I sign.

    Seriously I mean give it ten seconds and you'll genuinely think they just took a chainsaw to a regular old Duster. It's nearly comical. I don't know how it works and for many it doesn't. But I can't wait to see one of those, if ever, please holy non-existent God himself, they make it out of Romania.

    Today is a good day. Hope you enjoyed reading (it's true I do) and I hope you also enjoy bumping the post like you hopefully are about to do.

    Anyway, in the meantime, toodles.

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    • It's not cool

        1 month ago
    • I like it too! I really like the idea of homemade utes made out of European cars (I’ve wanted to do this to a Clio for about 5 years), this is just that but it was properly designed and built by Dacia

        1 month ago
      • Yes it's excellent😄. And yes Id invite some more manufacturers giving it a bash (even just a bit of a mickey take). Would be very interesting alright.

          1 month ago
      • Some young Honda engineers made one out of a Civic Type-R a few years ago, although that was a one off built for fun/marketing

          1 month ago


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