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Dacia Duster to go hybrid from 2024

Dacia's SUV will become more green but will also remain affordable.

Although Dacia has stated that they will go electric only when necessary, the have already begun planning green projects for the future, and among them is a hybrid version of the Dacia Duster, which Julien Ferry - who is responsible for the car - will be very much "the same" as it is now.

Ferry added: "Its role in the company is to provide a very good price-to- feature ratio. It has to address these customers who are looking for a simple car which can go off-road". Dacia has also unveiled the model's styling, which is much more futuristic and looks similar to the Lada Niva Vision concept that was previewed 8 months ago.

Ferry has also indicated that the Duster's SUV capabilities will be prioritised during the production of the new car. Furthermore, there are plans to move the Dacia and Lada cars to the same platform.

I like how Dacia is being cautious with going green, because this means that they're both saving polar bears, and also not alienating their customer base. Hopefully, Lada will also use the same tactic, because that would help spread electrification throughout Russia and attract more young people to buy their cars.

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