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Dacia release news of their new 7 seater family car

Good News! But could this be a game changing vehicle for the 7 seater market?

3w ago

Dacia are known for their value-for-money cars which remain competitive with other makes whilst being half, or even a third of the price but until recently, there range consisted of just the Sandero, Duster and Stepaway- a comparatively small range compared to the likes of most other car companies. Today, Dacia released the news of their new car which will be released on September the 6th which intends to fill the gap in the market for an affordable, 7 seater car.

The car, which can come with 5 or 7 seats, is designed to help families with anything from simple trips to exploring the great outdoors. 'Jogger' may sound like an odd name but it is chosen to represent dynamism, positive energy with an outdoor spirit. The suffix 'er' is chosen to twin the car's spirit with that of the Duster, their outdoorsy and adventurous car.

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A teaser video for the upcoming Dacia Jogger

Although the price is not yet known we can assume by looking at the current range it will be lower than other family cars from companies such as Ford. The Jogger will be unveiled in a digital event which will happen at 9am on the 6th of September. It can be watched live by clicking here.

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Comments (6)

  • Good news

      18 days ago
  • 1. Dacia has another model, Logan in its lineup.

    2. It'll probably be reskinned Kangoo.

    3. In my language, jogger pronounces as that thing you wipe the floor with, so I guess it goes along with Duster.

      20 days ago
  • the name is odd

      20 days ago
    • I agree, it seems like an odd choice. Although they have tried to justify it, how did they get to that name in the first place

        20 days ago