Dacia teases the new versions of our favourites!

And from the teaser, we know exactly what it's going to look like!

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Dacia is a brand that I respect, despite obvious shortcomings. Unlike Vauxhall or Skoda, it has always managed to be cheap while maintaining (most) of the dignity of the person driving it. I'm still not sure why someone would buy a new Duster for £15k rather than a used VW Tiguan, but one of you readers will have to explain that to me in the comments!

For now, the topic at hand. Dacia will reveal the next generation Sandero, Logan Saloon and Sandero Stepway within a month! I know, unexpected. While the Duster has had a recent update than finally brings it closer to the times, these cars have been left malnourished for a few years.

But, as the teaser gives almost nothing away, I thought I would divulge into what we know so far. So, and bear in mind we are talking about sub-£10k cars here, here's the headlines.

Dacia tests revolutionary push start button!

Yes, you heard it here first folks, the new Sandero and Logan will have a push start rather than a turn key start up. There's no excuse to not have one when the cheapest car on the market does!

Dacia invents magic TV screen thingy!

Yes, Dacia has a new infotainment system that will feature on all cars, even the base ones. Once again, this puts pressures on slightly more expensive cars now!

Dacia will use a platform developed in this millenium!

No longer will we have a Sandero based on a century old platform - slight exaggeration there - but rather the models will be based on the current Clio/Captur platform. In fact, the Sandero has been benchmarked against the Twingo, according to spy shots.

Dacia has discovered electricity!

Yes, a hybrid Logan and a hybrid Sandero. What's next.. An urbanised Defender? An SUV Mustang? A front engined Porsche? Oh wait...

Are you excited?

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