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Dacia teases the next generation Sandero and Logan

A third generation is emerging

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In 2012, the second-generation Dacia Sandero and Logan were introduced. The move upmarket is significant and the style follows the same evolution. In 2016, a facelift gives a new breath of fresh air to both vehicles. The Sandero is still selling very well despite its advanced age.

Today, the two cars will very soon give way to a new generation that promises to improve in style and modernity. The Romanian manufacturer has also published three teasers giving a glimpse of the new Dacia Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan.

The silhouettes of the three vehicles make it difficult to distinguish the new models. For example, the rear fender will get a much more generous curve than on the current Sandero. The front grille should become slimmer like the headlights and will visually widen the car.

The headlights will be fitted with full LED technology, a first for Dacia. The taillights could also be more elaborate with a cross-shaped pattern. The passenger compartment will feature a large touch screen with enhanced connectivity. The new Dacia Sandero and Logan are due on September 7.

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