Daewoo Bucrane: the car that could've saved its makers

Back in 1995, Daewoo were making something ambitious, and it's a tragic reminder of the company's potential...

Daewoo is a company that is commonly associated with poor quality, in the same way as Charli D'Amelio is associated with a lack of talent and un-entertaining TikTok videos. However, the 1995 British and Korean motor shows presented the company with a chance at redemption when they unveiled the Bucrane coupe, a concept car that seemed like the start of a new chapter for the company.

The car's design already looked promising, as it was the work of Italdesign, a styling house responsible for designing cars such as BMW M1, Fiat Punto and the Alfa Romeo Brera, with the latter being in my opinion one of the best-looking cars of all time.

The engine was a modest 3.2-litre V6 that pumped out 240bhp, and combined with a weight of 1400kg, it sounded like a pretty fast car that would have gained the attention of any 90s petrolhead, even if they never heard of the name Daewoo.

The car also had pretty unconventional design features, such as semi-scissor doors that lifted up with the windows. The only drawback was the interior, which was so green that it looked like the Hulk exploded inside the car.

So, if everything was going so well with the car, why wasn't it put into production? Well, it's possible that no one would have bought the car because it was made by a relatively unknown brand.

So Daewoo went its own way, producing cheap cars that sold pretty well in the UK. Eventually the company hit a brick wall of financial issues and was condemned to be bought by GM Motors. Daewoo remained on the market until it finally became extinct in 2016, leaving all of its remaining traces to be renamed to GM Korea. It's a truly depressing story as we know it could've gone the other way if the Bucrane was put into production.

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  • That's not why daewoo failed though, they had an embezzlement happen

      8 months ago