Daikin claims their new refrigerant could extend ev range upto 50%

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Japan's largest Air conditioning systems manufacturer DAIKIN Industries has developed a refrigerant for electric vehicles that it claims can increase ev range by up to 50%. By 2025, the aim to get the product to market.

According to nikkei asia, Daikin says that a car with a range of 200 km on a full charge may drive an additional 100 km with the new refrigerant in an EV with the air conditioner running and operating in an urban area.

It’s a development that could be of huge advantage for the EV industry.While many modern electric vehicles can travel from 300-400km on a single charge, many people consider they need more driving range.

But this problem could theoretically be solved for a relatively small sum. Currently, the most common refrigerant for use in EV air conditioners is a chemical patented jointly by Honeywell and Chemours in the United States which reportedly costs roughly .automotive air conditioning accounts for the equivalent to the consumption of some 2 million barrels of oil per day, or 1% of global energy-related CO2 emissions.

How does Daikin’s product work?

The heat generated by compressing the refrigerant is used to heat and cool the air within the vehicle. The boiling point of Daikin’s new refrigerant is around minus 40 Celsius, which is 10 to 15 degrees lower than the previous product. So the amount of power required for compression is reduced.and you don't have to switch off the air-con to reach the charging station.

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