I don't really remember what day it was back in September, when we decided to introduce our rental Nissan Note to the Japanese Tuningscene, but we were looking forward to it.

Maybe you've heard of it before; Daikoku Futo. If you are into tuning and Japanese cars, you probably have. But if you missed it; Daikoku Futo is a parking area beneath a spaghetti of highways located far above the ground. Carmeets take place weekly, maybe even daily. The location and highways make a great setting for nighty meets.

Anyway, we approached the exit of the highway and already noticed some workers were busy placing cones just before the exit. We did not really know what they were doing, but it looked like they were going to block the whole exit off. We passed by and took the exit though, as it wasn't blocked yet.

We parked the Note and already noticed the diversity of cars. From minivans to trucks to sportscars. Cleanly build cars to driftcarcasses to cars packed with neonlights and cars wrapped with complete Mangathemes.

Please excuse me for the shitty quality of the screenshots I took of my videocamera;

Took about 10 minutes until a third party decided to spoil the fun. Turns out the exit was indeed blocked off and the police was going to clear the parking. Seems like tuners are unwanted visitors in Japan as much as they are in The Netherlands. At least at times.

The people don't really seem to care that much about leaving the area as soon as possible though. People just do their thing and slowly but surely the parking is starting to empty.

Gave me some time to keep shooting my videoimages thought;

Because nobody seemed to be in a rush we asked the locals what was happening. When they told us they were clearing the whole parking we tried to figure out if there were other spots around where people would regroup, but that did't really seem to happen. Meeting night would be over soon.

I Kept going around the parking as fast as possible. Just to shoot as much material as I could. Untill one policeman came towards me pretty fast and told me; "This parking is closed", I tried to tell him I was just a tourist and was there coinsidentally. I don't really think he cared, cause he waved his hands below his belt while pointing to the ground; 'This parking Closed'. They didn't look angry or annoyed, they didn't really act agressive.. But very persistent to end the meet.

At that moment I decided it would be better to get to the rental and wait for Ronald and Daniël to do the same. The whole visit didn't take long, maybe 45 minutes in total.. But I gained a awesome experience..!

As always, hope you enjoyed the writeup and want to wish you a good day/night!

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