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Dakar Daredevils on Vespa

Men with Titanium Nuts.

It's the year 1980. The same year Iron Maiden debuted, 4 men had a genius idea to enter a 10,000 km which happens to be the TOUGHEST Endurance Rally in the planet. Their choice of vehicle - Vespa PX200E. (:

Spoiler - Cyril Neveu won the raid on a Yamaha XT 500 that year, and not our men in question. There's more to the story here.

The Vespa Cavalry

The Vespa Cavalry

Here's some quick numbers on Vespa 200E - Engine :Two stroke, single cylinder, Displacement :198cc/ 12 cub in, 12bhp @ 5700rpm, Transmission: 4 Speed, grip shift, constant mesh, Capacity: 8+2.1 liters fuel. Top Speed - 105km/h

All of that and add 7 countries, 23 days, 211 competitors and a 10,000 km run to the finish line. So, who are our daredevils? M. Simonot and B. Tcherniawsky with other two riders put together by Jean-Fran├žois Piot. They were the two out of four Vespa riders who crossed the finish line among 81 of 211 competitor that year!

The duo finished last in the rally (obviously) but their grit to finish the course at all costs is what makes Dakar the rally it is today and showed that you go places with just a scooter too. Every year Dakar has a different story to tell of those who dare to conquer distance.

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