Dale Jr's 2008 Chevy Impala NASCAR

Testing photo settings on a new 1:24 scale arrival.

13w ago

Got a new lightbox to shoot bigger scale cars. I just picked up this 2008 Dale Jr car because... well the market has nosedived since he stopped racing. lol. The 88 Mountain Dew Amp car is far and away my favorite livery that he had while racing. Most folks will associate the #8 Budweiser car with his legacy. I prefer the forest green and white balanced livery seen here. I think it looks quite rad.

Today was my first day testing out the new lightbox and clearly I have some work to do. I need to get the white tone more neutral. Even though the light box has adjustable settings for the LED brightness it's still too warm in my opinion. Need to tweak some settings on my camera next I think. Overall, its great to finally take proper lightbox pics of my 1:24 scale cars. I am looking forward to shooting more in the future.

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