- This 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat model suffered some strange damage! - Image from Copart

Damaged Dodge Challenger Hellcat For Sale With Just 41 Miles!

1y ago


Take this Dodge Challenger Hellcat for sale on Copart. The black, 6.2L V8 looks to be in top shape when looking through the grainy, low resolution pictures that show the vehicle. Look through the description though, and it tells a very different story.

The 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with just 41 miles! - Image from Copart

This car made it a mere 41 miles before it was hit by a hail storm, which caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, writing the vehicle off. The car is completely operational, but has been inflicted with lots of tiny little dents on every single body panel, meaning that each panel will either need the dents hammering out or completely replacing.

Would it be worth purchasing for all the tiny dents in the body panels? - Image from Copart

The Challenger Hellcat produces 707BHP, get to 60MPH in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 202MPH. With a "buy it now" price of $48,000, that's a $17,000 discount on the price of a new Hellcat! The question is, would it be worth it for the hundreds of tiny dents in the body panels?