Damn forgotten car and the best ever produced by Opel (and Lotus)

2y ago


This car was introduced in 1991 and was the 2nd fastest Limousine on the planet, only the Alpina B10 E34 was faster, and that only in Top Speed (291 km/h) this one was faster in acceleration and in Mid range acceleration, too. It is packing a 3.6l I6 with Biturbo setup!

And well look at it! This thing is nuts. A 1991 Limousine and it looks like that? Awesome!
So it was designed by Lotus and manufactured, too. The Chasis and the base 3.0l V6 came from Opel in Rüsselsheim, though. Lotus got it 4 Valves per Cylinder and a Pair of Turbos…. the result? Devastating 377hp and 557 NM of torque. This car was as it typically for Lotus, also set up to handle quite well.

Most people were impressed of an acceleration time of 5.4s to 62mp/h (100km/h) and it handled like a dream, but the marriage of British engineering and a German Brand which is run by an american concern (GM) was not that good. So a lot of engines blew up, my Dad once testdrove a used one in 1998, i was really looking forward to the drive and the car…..well it was slow. My dad told me a couple of weeks ago, that he back then thought the cars Turbos were dead and the shocks and LSD were also broken on the car he looked up. So he did not buy it, he had already an E32 750li, so why bother with an Opel. But heck if I could drive one for a few hours it would be awesome… owning one? well the one in the second picture is up for sale…..just 38.500€…. for an Opel… But if anyone has one on here…. Can I have a ride please? =)
Cheers and have an awesome day!