damn, i just realized i need a lotus esprit in my life

also, i want to share a protein drink with arnold

4y ago

Maybe it’s because the car is penned by the genius Giorgetto Giugiaro, or maybe it’s just because it’s one of the coolest cars on the planet. I need a Lotus Esprit in my life. I don’t care that it will break down all the time and that the electronics only works once a year. I just want to be able to sit in it, feel it and imagine myself cruising down the streets of Santa Monica. Swing by Muscle Beach and share a protein shake with Arnold, grab a burger with Burt Reynolds and have a chat with Brooke Shields on how we can change the environment for the better by drinking grass and harvest the gasses from cows in jars. I need to stop dreaming. But I still want the car. Picture from Flickr.

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