Damn it I missed the Artura reveal

A car I was actually looking forward to. The hype was killed.

We start with a complaint, that's not actually about the car itself, but the reveal. Who the hell decided to reveal it while the car's country of origin was asleep. For god's sake the one thing I was looking forward to and they went and made it live only to the people with insomnia. Greenwich. Mean. Time. For god's sake Flewett (CEO) was probably even asleep. Or was he doing the reveal??? See I wouldn't know because I was asleep because they scheduled the reveal for 1 MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT. I hate you Mike Flewitt. You have a stupid name.

Lesson to be learnt:

We don't all have insomnia McLaren.

Now the car:

I think critical to this car's immediate critique here online, is the criticism that the critical refreshing design was not brought to light by this car which will be critical for McLaren's place in the world. But I think if that's the stance you take you're only fooling yourself. There's a few substantial evolutions made around the car's exterior that don't require a magnifying glass to notice. I mean what other McLaren are we going to compare this to? This is the replacement for the 570s and it is clearly quite different.

See it as an upgrade and you'll appreciate the change more I think. The main differences lie in the headlights, tail lights and generally in the front and rear bumpers (kind of where changes in a car are usually made). Now of course while I point these out I don't stress that we view this car solely as a 'replacement' of the 570s. To my understanding at the moment it's not going anywhere. But this car just isn't a case of repetition in design language. It's still sleek and curvy and low and very aerodynamic but that is what you would expect from these sorts of cars. Ok, what I would expect from these kinds of cars.

The moral of the story is this car is in my eyes an adaption to modern times and it's not the same old same old story and if there is an issue there, I would advise you go have a little cry about it.

Why so hostile you might be asking? I actually don't know either I think I'm getting a little to into the writing spirit.

Am I happy?

Pah, because that really matters? I for one am happy, I am very happen with the design cues and ideology of McLaren implementing hybrid powertrains into almighty flagship supercars. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Artura will do with this new V6 and electric motor combination, because I do feel that needed to happen for sure. 205mph is a fantastic top speed too. Not that it's a very relevant piece of information to throw in there but I just literally read it there.

Now actually I do feel I should put it out there that while I jumped to defend the Artura's striking looks, that even I don't feel its enough. McLaren in my opinion, aren't developing and progressing as impressively as I think they could do. This was an opportunity to branch out a bit more as a brand. It's certainly not as refreshing as we could've hoped for. And maybe now your confused given I went from praising it to criticising it. But so we are clear, I do love it..... just I think it was a bit of a crushed chance if you get what I mean.

Nonetheless it should be a brilliant car. I mean what reason have I got to believe otherwise? Back to powertrain talk now, because supercars often grab attention of people using their mighty exhuast songs. Given this is a change from the old V8 as we know, change in tune is inevitable. But my god is it a god-sent sound this car gives out. I wouldn't try to describe it, just have this instead.

That trailer is what had me fall for the car. And the ability to, in a single rotation, drop to near-total silence and tranquility, with just the gentle hum of electricity, I really love that.

So yes, reaction complete. I do love what McLaren did here. I quite like the Artura.

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