Dangerous, narrow and scenic - now that's THE Italian dream road

Hot ride from Valvestino Lake (Lake Garda Area, IT) to Lake Idro over dangerous roads with hard accelerations, extremely tight hairpins and some nice engine sounds during the European 1Addicts Lake Garda 1.0 - Tour. The filming BMW M135i follows closely a BMW M3 and a BMW 1M.

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  • Hmmm. It’s really frustrating to watch that video as you want the drive to be exhilarating but you cannot get the speed up due to all the blind right hand bends and of course oncoming traffic. The drive was probably much better than it seems on video I guess. I cant help thinking that a smaller, low powered sports car like an MX5, MR2 or Z4 that you can get revved up would be a better ride.

    1 year ago
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  • on this road 2 cars have easily space, next time go in spring over Gaver to Passo Crocedomini, then you know what a really dangerous road is!! Better is to walk up to there... I drove too many roads like this in some days in Italy so for me it looks good but not very dangerous..

    1 year ago
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