Dani Ric Lists His 10 Essential Items on GQ

Who would have thought that these are Dani's 10 essential items

39w ago

So Dani Ric was featured on GQ's YouTube show 10 Essential Items. So, the honey badger listed the 10 items that he can't live without and here they are:

A Party Shirt

A Journal With His Initials ON

Yes, Dani writes down his journals and you should too!

A Vintage 18GB iPod

Dani, hold on to that precious piece of history :D

A Custome Beats Headphones

Of course.

A Cologne

As Dani said, drivers can be smelly after a race, so it's important to have a cologne around.

A Travel Pillow

Protect Ya Neck


Help a lot due to travelling a lot.

A GoPro

Dani likes to kick it on the weekends.

A Custom Face Mask

It's 2020.

His 2020 Racing Helmet

TBH the best helmet design on the grid in 2020.

Check out the full episode on YouTube.

What are your 10 most essential items?? Let us know in the comments below.

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