Dani Ricciardo says he can't leave the house without a party shirt

    Everyone's favourite driver (along with Kimi) talks us through his essentials

    3d ago


    You may be familiar with GQ's 'Essentials' format. It's a relatively new format, a couple of years old maybe, where they basically ask sportspeople, musicians, actors and celebrities to talk viewers through their 'essentials', as in 10 things they can't live without.

    Sometimes, I get the feeling they get out of their own way to make sure these essentials are unusual and improbable, and that's probably the case but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

    To cut a long story short, Daniel Ricciardo, everyone's favourite driver (probably along with Kimi), shared his list and, surprise surprise, it mostly consists of Daniel Ricciardo-esque things, including his omnipresent party/funky shirt(s).


    Why am I sharing this? No idea. It just felt like the right thing to do on a Sunday. Cheers.

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    • That was a month ago I can confirm that since it appeared on my YouTube feed earlier

        3 days ago
      • Yes. YouTube's algorithm is evil and because I watched this ONCE, now I'm gonna be bombarded with similar videos for the next three eons

          2 days ago
      • Sometimes you get something fascinating come up from it

          2 days ago
    • #funstuff

        3 days ago
    • Always be prepared! Love it

        3 days ago
    • RIGHT ON!! My kinda guy. PAR TAY!!!! WooooHOOOO!!!!!!!

      Happy Sunday or something. Party on Wayne.

        3 days ago
    • Dani who?

        1 day ago


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